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Nov 05 2019 -

Welcome to the Test Server!

ear Testers,

this is the test website for the beta test of the Winter Update 2019. Discussions and feedback about the test can take place on this test website. There is a board for the Winter Update 2019 within the Support Boards which can be viewed by all players, but only the invited testers can post in it.

Please take your time to read Welcome to the test server! on the test forum as well as the Compendium entries we have prepared for you in the test client. If you are an invited tester, you can report any bugs by using CTRL + Z or via the context menu in the Tibia client. Please use the dedicated feedback threads to provide your feedback.
Please be aware that several sections of the test website (create accounts, payment section) and also the Store in game have been disabled in order to prevent inconsistencies.

The Tibia client for the beta test will appear in your regular launcher. Just click on Manage Clients at the top of the login screen and select the test client. Please keep in mind that only the windows client will be available during the test server.

While the devs will test new bosses spontaneously or on short notice during the whole test phase, we would also like to give you a set date so you can get your teams together if you want to give it a try:
On November 07, around 18:00 CET, Knightmare will test the new bosses.

Enjoy the test server,
Burchan, Falaz, Norgrim, Prian, Satudo, Siramal

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