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Oct 09 2020 -

Welcome to the Vocation Adjustments Test Server!

ear Testers, 

this is the website for the test of the Vocation Adjustments that have been announced on the official Tibia website. There is a special board for the Vocation Adjustments 2020 within the Support Boards section which can be viewed by all players, but only invited testers can post there. 

Take your time to thoroughly read through the information on the test board, and use the designated threads to share your feedback and experiences with the product managers. Please make sure to try out the changes before forming an opinion and posting.

The Tibia client for the test will appear in your regular launcher. Just click on Manage Clients at the top of the login screen and select the test client. Please keep in mind that only the windows client will be available during the test server. Several sections of the test website (create accounts, payment section) and also the Store ingame have been disabled in order to prevent inconsistencies.

The bug report function has been deactivated completely since this test focuses exclusively on the vocation adjustments. If you come across any issues related to one of the changes please let us know in the thread about that particular topic.

Moreover, the death penalty has been disabled for this test. The testserver assistant provides you with silver tokens, gold, equipment, amulets and rings, and creature products.

Enjoy the test,
Burchan, Falaz, Norgrim, Prian, Satudo, Siramal


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